Jan 15, 2019

Rebel Dean & PJ Proby

Great day with the legend that is - PJ Proby! Singing old time Rock & Roll as good as ever, on the Title track of the forthcoming new album by Rebel Dean & The Star Cats - "Rock & Roll Heart".


Jan 12, 2019

The Screaming Dead

Ears still ringing after a great day with established pro goth/punk behemoth - The Screaming Dead.


Dec 7, 2018

Bo Walton & Red Alert

Great day with Bo Walton & Red Alert. Some cracking new material played live.


Nov 22, 2018


Great day with Watford-based SideKicks. Great stuff.


Nov 11, 2018

Another busy week.

Another busy week over. Sessions from the wonderful Bella Collins, the on-going ambitious project XPO-RV, and the return of harp virtuoso - Jemima Phillips among others. Another full week week ahead.


Oct 27, 2018

Pandora's Shadow

The building's still shaking after a couple of days with the mighty Pandora's Shadow. Musicianship, Material, and singer 10/10.


Oct 6, 2018

Giles Matthews

Last session of the week. Great work from drummer Tom Dunkley on the Giles Matthews project.


Aug 30, 2018

Bella Collins

Very enjoyable week recording the very classy singer/guitarist Bella Collins and friends - Dewi Watkins on double bass, Dave Dearnaley on slide, and my old mucka Andy Fairweather Low on acoustic guitar. Great stuff.


Aug 25, 2018

Ronnie & The Reverbs

Very productive couple of days with Ronnie & The

Reverbs. Great result!


Jun 29, 2018

The Phil Smith Band

Great day with the return of the Phil Smith band. Excellent classy material as usual, and great players too.


Jun 23, 2018

Busy Week

End of another busy week in which the studio played host to another visit from the very ambitious project XPO-RV, plus the students of Dene Magna, prog-rock poet - Miles Ellison, and a bonus track from Giles Matthews Band.


Apr 21, 2018

Miles Ellison

The return of the prog rock poet - Miles Ellison!


Mar 25, 2018

Bleedin' Noses

What a fab way to end the week - another storming session with the brilliant Bleedin' Noses. Hits up the wazoo if you ask me!


Feb 13, 2018

Ronnie & The Reverbs.

Good day with Ronnie & the Reverbs with the middle England Gospel Choir.


Jan 4, 2018

New Year

First week of new year saw a fairly major upgrade of hardware and software in the studio. Now where's that learning curve....


Dec 14, 2017

Phil Smith

Finished mixing and mastering the fabulous tracks of the Phil Smith band. Amazing that music so sophisticated and classy can be so instantly accessible and commercial. Hope it does the biz for him.


Nov 25, 2017

Bleedin Noses

Been wanting to record this band for ages. Bleedin Noses did not disappoint! If there's any justice....


Nov 12, 2017


NFA album mixed, & mastered. Huge sounding band. Good luck with her!


Nov 11, 2017

Chris Stanley Band

Very productive day with Bristol based Chris Stanley Band. Class act.


Nov 8, 2017

The beat goes on again.

Ronnie & the Reverbs have left the building. All done bar the mixing. Great players, Sounding great.